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The Rice's

The Rice family is united at last! Hard to believe that a family of 4 could be so spread apart, but they really know how to enjoy each others company when they get to see each other. I couldn't help but feel like family myself while shooting the Rice's, so thank you for making this family photo shoot extraordinary. The lucky parents received their photo shoot as a Christmas gift from the kids, something they had been asking for, for years. I hope that you enjoy this little peek of the MANY photos that are headed your way soon. Enjoy the holidays, and your together time. Cheers!

Happy Holidays.

Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season, love the faces behind Abbydell Photography. Cheers!

The Lockings

 It has only been 2 months since Lillie's first post on the blog ( and she has already grown and changed so much! So great to photograph her again this time with Janelle and Trevor (Mom & Dad). The Locking's have become great friends and faithful clients, I hope to feature them for years to come! Cheers to great friends, and a wonderful holiday season!

The Balogh's

 Wishing the Balogh family a very Merry Christmas! Such a pleasure to photograph the lovely Lauren (from the LIGHTS photoshoot) with her photogenic family, dogs included. Everyone looked great in front of the camera and I am very happy with all the shots, it was hard to pick the ones to share! Lauren & sister Sam, gave the gift of photos to their parents this year, by the way, AWESOME gift idea :) and I think they all had a great time, at least I did, very cool family. Thanks for picking me girls! Happy holidays!


For the first time in months I had the opportunity to do a "personal" photoshoot. Inspired by none other than the BEAUTIFUL Lauren. Doesn't she look like LIGHTS? (if you don't know who Lights is, check her music out here: The idea that Lauren resembles the artist Lights is what got this whole photoshoot happening, but once I started posing and snapping, I couldn't resit but to make it a little more Lauren. Anyways, I had a blast doing it, Lauren looked awesome, and I'm really diggin' the edits. Big thanks to Lauren for letting me do my thing! 

PS. Laurens Family photos will be featured on the blog early next week, so check back!

The Leary's

 The Leary's have the bluest eyes I have ever photographed. Each photo 'pops' because of their pretty blue peepers, a little jealous? Indeed! Needless to say things went smoothly and the Leary's have many photographs to choose from. I must say they all know how to handle themselves in front of the camera, big thanks to Lyndsey for keeping them familiar with the photo process, made my time with the Leary's go smoothly! Hope you enjoy the holidays!