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Night photography is a passion that I don't get to practice enough! I love it! The colors that are drawn out in long exposures, the movement of the stars & lights. You never know what you are going to get, these are a couple of my favorite!


After the avedon's I did a couple follow up environmental portraits. Letting people express themselves through their lifestyle and hobbies creates a big contrast from the avedons, both a success I think!

University of Faces

For my comm. practicum class I decided to make a photography book inspired by Richard Avedon (documentary & fashion photographer). Over the past couple months I've done photo shoots with over 60 people, 40 of which will be published in my book. These are some of my fave photos. Such a fun project. I'm almost done with the layout, design, text & final edits of book! Can't wait to have my hands on it!

Stanford cousins & Tatlow boys

Tatlow Boys

So Clark & I went home for the semester break and we got to spend sometime with both our families! I took family pictures for Michell's family and then some snap shots of the other cousins. Love the cute candid s for kids.