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oh the details.

Okay so I think you get the point... I'm a complete sucker for details. But lets face it, so are you! You paid attention to them, and maybe went over budget for that little extra bling, so there is no way that I'm not going to notice those efforts! And lets be honest, that is where the personality comes out, its all in the details. Hope you enjoy the little collection of some fabulous details from past weddings.

The Austin's

 Meet the Austin Family. While on a recent trip to California I had the opportunity to meet and photograph the Austin's. It was literately a dream photoshoot! The kids were PERFECT, words cannot describe how fabulous they were to work with. Their great manors and smiles really came through in the photos, making them very enjoyable to edit.  Cheers to new friends, and smooth photoshoots!

Outdoor Lifestyle

Kate's Real Food energy bars have made the blog again! Notice something different? No white background! We moved things out of the studio, and into the wild, and these bars look just as tasty outside as they do inside! We has some GREAT models for this shoot, sending them a big thank you! If you haven't seen the latest (besides this post) on Kate's Real Food, click HERE, and if you haven't tasted Kate's Real Food, click HERE and get on that!

just one.

The leaves are almost gone, so I've been busy doing some inside work.... except that wedding in San Diego! There are a few posts are their way, but my editing pile is pretty big right now, so I thought I would share something that is well... not so new, but a fave! I've decided to do a few "favorite" posts this up coming week. Its going to be fun and you'll see what I mean.  Enjoy, and check back for a new post! Cheers.

Little Locking

 Remember Trevor & Janelle? If not, check out their love story here. Well as the saying goes... first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! Trevor and Janelle are right on track, as they welcomed their new addition to the family almost a month ago, and what a joy she is! I hope you enjoy the photos of Lillie, it was so fun to photograph her, she was just so excited about exploring her new world, she even rolled over for the first time during the shoot. A big congratulations to the little, but growing, Locking family!

Kate's Real Food

Have I ever told you how much I love working with the crew over at Kate's Real Food?
Such a fabulous company, such a fabouls product. Happy to say that another we had another sucessful shoot. Stay tuned for another shoot that is in the works! In the mean time, get yourself some bars, and check out their new packaging.
Kates Real Food.

Deyholos Family

 Wrapping up another round of fall family edits this morning, ready to drop them in the mail box, but thought I would share a few of my favorites from this beautiful family's session first. Hope you enjoy!