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The Cousins

Adorable, completely adorable These photos are a gift for the grandparents of these cute kids, what a awesome idea! What more could any grandparent want?! Grateful for winter clients calling me in the spring, thanks Richard & Great Northern Powder Guides!

Kate's Real Food - Outdoor

 Spring has finally sprung! Had a great mini adventure getting out and photographing these bars where they are made to be eaten! Whether I'm on the lake, on the trail or on my bike I love all the Kate's Real Food bars, especially in love with the new Tiki Bar, so good! If you haven't seen me post about these delicious gems in the past, be sure to check out their website:

Erasmus Family

What a good looking bunch! This family of 9 was incredible easy going, and their photoshoot went much smoother than most families of 4! I had a great time getting to know the erasmus family and hope to see more of them in the future!

Nakiska RCR - post two

 These images are from my first day shooting at Nakiska this season... I know, I know a little out of order on the blog posts! It happens when you are playing catch up from a crazy busy winter, and now a crazy busy spring. With that said, you can expect some more posts this week as I catch up on my massive editing pile! 

I have to brag a little bit about this day, the sky was amazing! When I went to the day lodge to meet up with the employees to photograph I couldn't have asked for a better group. Great attitudes, and some of these guys/gals can lay down in the park! I made some new friends, and got some incredible shots thanks to their skills. All in all, epic shooting day!

Kate's Real Food - Studio

A few weeks ago I was so excited to see a box full of tasty treats from Kate's Real Food! For those of you that know me personally, you know that I'm a big fan of the Driggs/Victor Idaho region, so actually working with a down to earth company producing incredible product was irresistible! Whats even more irresistible? These delishious bars! Made with natural ingeriedients, soy free and gulent free these bars have something for everyone! Check out Kate's Real Food here: and check back for their new website to go live with some of these images!

Nakiska RCR - post one

 Nakiska was another RCR destination to photograph this winter. I  made it up to Nakiska a few times (I will post more photos!) this season and almost every time I went up there it snowed. AWESOME for riding, a little tricky with the images. If you haven't made it up to Nakiska it's a pretty cool place. Extremely family friendly, awesome park for all my "park rat" friends, and for the tourist type, it's a must see for all the 1988 Olympic heritage! The staff is incredible, they even joined me for a while and let me take their photos. Thanks for a great season Nakiska!