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Its here...

 After a few photoshots, lots of editing, some designing, a lot of research and a few revisions the PROOF SUNGLASSES lookbook is finally complete. Check it out online on Issu by clicking HERE.

Enjoyed working with the Proof crew, they are a great company with an awesome product, get some Proof!


Curetouch Massage Therapy is located in Rexburg ID. Emily, the Massage Therapist/Owner strives to relax, heal, and energize the body with visit. Curetouch has a very relaxed and soothing atmosphere, perfect for Emily's AMAZING massages. Go check it out first hand, and check out the landscape prints by Abbydell Photography.

For more information about Curetouch Massage Therapy, click here or check them out on facebook.

the playbackz

The Plazybackz are a hip hop group currently based out of Idaho. They are definitely going places. They've got great style and really no how to put on a show. Their music is available via iTunes. To top it off they were rocking their PROOF tees and glasses for the show last weekend. Two great things combinde. If you haven't heard of Proof, check them out here.

Tele Open

Grand Targhee hosted the "Big Mountain Telemark Open" this past weekend.  I was honored to be one of photographers for the event. Got some cool shots, and meet some cool Teleskiers. An album will be posted on my Facebook page (abbydell photography) of the entire event, so keep checking back. In the mean time here are some of my faves of the weekend. Cheers!


Kiteboarding was a new experience. 
I have never seen it done on snow before, only water. It was great to spend sometime with some locals in the area who are avid kiteboarders. The wind didn't really come through for us, so looks like we will have to do a reshoot, but still a fun experience and was able to grab a couple nice shots, the sun was the only thing in our favor.

Love Uganda

Shukrani means thanks, gratitude & appreciation in Swahili.

Shukrani Beads is a new and upcoming company located in Rexburg ID. Shukrani Beads helps support women in Uguanda by buying their handcrafted beads. Shukrani Beads then hand makes unique personalized jewelry with the beads. 

Help make the world a better place, buy Shukrani.