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GNPG - Kalispell Ski Club & friends

Another awesome day in the Great Northern backcountry. It was a cat full of 14 friends from Kalispell, MT, many of which belong to the Kalispell Ski Club. Such an honor to ride with such a great group of locals, we really enjoyed thier company. 

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GNPG - feb. 27

Blue sky & 22" of new snow made for the PERFECT day. I couldn't have planned things out any better myself. I have a feeling it came through just for Dayne's (our tail guide) birthday, which we celebrated at the yurt! Nothing wrong with pow faces every run :) Thanks to an awesome group that made today extra fun!

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GNPG - feb.25

Yesterday was a tad bit snowy.... in fact it was DUMPING! In the last 24 hours we have had over 2 feet of snow, hello winter! Needless to say, the snow made for some epic riding. DEEP sums it up pretty well. Yesterday's mixed group really knew how to work the powder, and keep us laughing all day long. Wonderful snow, wonderful company, cheers to that!

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GNPG - calgary crew

 WOW today was amazing. Very talented group and really awesome snow. The cold has come and dried out all the snow making it nice and light, aka great for face shots! Just check out that wall of snow!! Ohhh I love my job. All of the photos from today will be up on instaproofs shortly, so check back for an update.

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GNPG - Minnesota crew

This Minnesota based crew was with Great Northern Powder Guides for 4 days of skiing! All of which were awesome I might add. They really hit the best and most snow this season. I had a blast shooting them, and getting to know all 15 of em! Cheers!

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GNPG - feb.21


One of the deepest days yet! It was a clean slate out there, a powder playground! This mixed group from across the globe all had one thing in common... FACE SHOTS! The waist deep powder made for some big grins. Gotta love how snow brings people together. Not only was today an AWESOME snow day, it was also a day many of us won't forget! Nothing like filling a cat to the brim... literately!
Good times had by all on our "adventure" down the mountain :)

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GNPG - feb. 18

You could say it was a little snowy today... but that would be an understatement! Not only was it dumping big beautiful flakes all day, but the ground was COVERED in new snow, nice and light. You know you are in the ski/snowboard industry when you can't wait to wake up and check the snow report. Well today the snow report made my day! The company wasn't too bad either! Can't wait to see some of these guys again Tuesday, and hopefully the rest again soon. Cheers!

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GNPG - feb.17

 Today's Calgary & Fernie based crew was a blast. This small group really knew how to rip, which meant we were able to get LOTS of runs in today. Also I have to give a shout out to Micheal, the best 13 year old skier I have meet to-date, just check out that sky high grab?! Must have been a great day for everyone, all I saw were big grins... guess that's what 5 inches overnight does to people, so keep that snow coming!

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