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Hurdman FAMILY - extended

 I've been booking more and more of my "extended family" package this summer, the new package that was/is such a hit I'll be keeping it around! My Extended family package includes an hour of photo coverage for 3 generations of family. Grandparents, their children and the grandchildren. I aim to photograph each grandchild separately, each individual family, each couple, and of course everyone all together. Other groupings are also available.

This is the Hurdman family by the way :) They were such troopers to keep their booked day despite a rain storm, the only rain we had in 2 weeks, what bad luck. But I will never turn down an over cast sky with lush greenery, and adorable grandchildren! Things went so smoothly, thanks for a great time Hurdman Family!

jacob FAMILY - the river

 I just love early morning shoots! There is something great about early lighting that evening just can't get right - vise versa of course :) But clients often opt for evening as its a more practical time. Lucky for this family early morning wasn't an issue, a great chance for me to work with that early morning light. I loved heading down to the Bow River to my running trails and taking things slow with a peaceful photoshoot. These guys & gal were great! Thanks for being patient as we waited for the river conditions to get under control before heading to the valley!