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the three amigos.

Gotta love photos for family! This is my second year photographing my beautiful cousins Nati & Kali. I am so happy they made the move out to Calgary from BC and that I get to see them more. Wishing Nati, Colton, and Kali all the best this holiday season! Cheers to beatiful sisters & an adorable couple!

Falling in love.

Meet Ben & Jordyn. To say that Jordyn is beautiful would be an understatement, it was so great to work with her, as you can tell she photographs amazingly! Not to let Ben be out shown by his beautiful bride-to-be, he too photographs very well with that big British smile and delightful blue eyes. These two are so in love, and so cute, they truly are still "falling in love" each and everyday.  I look forward to their wedding in March, be sure to check back for another sneak peek on this adorable couple.

The Cake Edition


 Being a wedding photographer I have seen my fair share of fabulous cakes, and thought I might showcase a few of my favorites that I have photographed over the past couple of years. You can tell that I'm a sucker for simple elegance, whats your favorite cake style?
Enjoy my ode to wedding cakes!

Off leash.


To the Off Leash Park we go! See Spot Run is a local Calgary dog walking business run by none other than my wonderful sister in law, Acara.  Over the past few weeks I've been able to tag along on some of Acara's morning walks and take some photos for a project she is working on, I'll explain in my next See Spot Run post just exactly what that "project" is, so keep checking back. It was so fun to meet & photograph all these pups and see all of their individual personality come to life in the photos. In the mean time, check out her website and get the details:

bring on the snow.


You could say I am a little STOKED on all the snow that has been dumping in the Rockies... but that would be a  understatement. I'm itching to get out there and photograph the fluffies. Cheers to a record snow year last year, and to hopes of an even better one this year. Bring out the wax, its time to prep!

T&M: the party


 As promised... another Travis & Megan post! Their reception screamed personality! These two beach bums had palm trees up to the ceiling, elegant centerpieces, gorgeous photos, an Italian Soda bar and quiet the spread of food! But lets be honest, its good company that makes the party, and that was not in short supply. I can honestly say I wish I wasn't lugging around camera gear other wise I would have got my dance on! Cheers to a great couple and a fabulous night!

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