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Venessa M.

Vanessa Marrow, is a long lost friend of mine from Calgary. Randomly we found each other in Utah and did a photo shoot for her modeling portfolio. She's a babe :)


This is a snow removal truck (10 photos)
Peaked Mountain (8 photos)
View from the top of DC chairlift at Targhee (over 15 photos)

For my digital class last semester we did some work with panoramas and I loved it! Best thing I learned all semester. Since I'm going through with drawls for snowboarding I thought I'd post what I'm missing most; hiking mary's for fresh powder!


Who said all photos were serious?
When things started to wrap up, we all had a little fun.
Metro 6, ia a up and coming clothing line in southern alberta and utah! Their stuff is awesome, so keep a look out. Add them on facebook and possibly order a shirt or too, and support my good friends the karls :)

vogt girls

the Vogt Girls and I had a blast at the park one afternoon taking some sister pictures. The vogts are a family friend of ours and did our beautiful wedding cake, as well as djed at our wedding. Thanks!


Melissa & Randy got engaged! Well a while ago, but its about time that we did some engagement photos! They were a ton of fun to shoot, on our down town photo adventure! Looking forward to their wedding in august.


I'm officially blogging. I've put this wonderful networking tool off for much too long! I will be uploading more of my recent shoots shortly. As of right now, check out my website: