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The Baradoy Family

 This family is rad. I spent a lot of time in high school with these kids. It was great to reconnect years later all grown up and married, or almost married :) Also fun to mix things up and go urban! Thanks for a great photoshoot Baradoy family!

The appleton's - family photos strathmore

 Had a wonderful afternoon with the Appleton family at their family home. That big red building is not a barn, but an airplane hanger. Unlucky for us the doors were frozen shut so we couldn't bring the plane out for some cool family photos, but very lucky for me, this family was willing to stand out in the freezing cold and were so much fun to spend time with.

Pip Hunt - Ski Athlete

 I get to hit the mountains with this girl this upcoming week and realized... I never posted an "official" album about our fall photoshoot on Pip's "search for snow." Welp, the snow has come, no more searching, just enjoying! I bet some of you recognize Pip Hunt from the cover of Backcountry Magazine, website, Marmot & Smith Optics ads. This mountain athlete is one rad chick. Look forward to seeing ya soon Pip!

the peterson family

 The Peterson family has grown quickly over the recent years. Time for an updated family picture :) This family is a family friend and it was a pleasure to spend time with them. I was also lucky enough to have repeat clients in the group including Ashely & Warren, check out their engagement photos HERE and Tracey & Cassidy, check out their anniversary photos HERE.