Bachynski Family Photos

 I have known this incredibly talented and gorgeous family for almost 10 years now! Hard to believe how quickly the time has flown! A few years ago I photographed M&J's San Diego wedding - it was a flawless day, beautiful! Now a days the kids are all living in different states making it a pretty rare occasion to have them all together, but this year they were able to celebrate Christmas as a family in Calgary. I consider myself pretty luck to get to see them all together and photograph them. Thanks so much for thinking of me for your family photos Bachynski Family!

First Communion by Calgary Photographer Abbydell Photography

 I just love when last minute bookings work out! I had a great Sunday photographing Nicholas First Communion a few weeks ago. What a special event to share with his friends and family members. Beautiful service enjoyed by all!

LDS Calgary Temple Wedding by Calgary Photographer

 Winter weddings are so beautiful! I always enjoy getting out in the snow to photograph, especially for a couple as cool as S&J! We were able to make the most of a few short hours together and create some beautiful snowy memories. Thanks for sharing your special day with me! Couldn't have been so productive if not for the help of the lovely Lyndsey Leary - my wonderful assistant for the day!

barkhouse FAMILY Photos

The holiday season is the perfect time for an extended family photoshoot! The Barkhouse Family was lucky enough to have their whole family together this winter, and what better way to make memories than by a winter outing for family photos!

Lane & Acara - couple photos by Calgary Photographer Abbydell Photography

 Recognize that pretty brunette? Well she is the face of See Spot Run Dogwalking Services! All those cute pups that I get to photograph once a year hang out with this pretty lady all day long - lucky right?! It was fun to head out to one of Acara's secret dogwalking spots with her boyfriend (my brother) for a quick photoshoot. I've been so lucky to photograph a lot of my own family this year, L&A included as that doesn't happen very often! So grateful for their support in my career as a photographer!

Snowy Family Photos by Calgary Photographer: Abby Stanford

 The Buck Family is awesome. I've known Melissa for 7 years now, wow how time flies! This American girl is now at home more than ever in Canada with her bread growing husband and adorable step daughter. The Buck's were troopers during this cold & stormy shoot. The sky was so dark it felt like night, and the snow was coming down so quickly if you stood still too long you'd turn into a snowman. So glad they braved it, I love snowy family photos!

Thanksgiving. Family. California. Photographer.

 In honor of American Thanksgiving, I am posting about my favorite Canadian family living in the USA. Which also happens to be my sister & her family. I look forward to photographing the Ho's every year as it means I get to spend some quality time with them in sunny California. I am so incredible thankful for my sister and all of my family this Thanksgiving Day. I am also grateful for incredible friends & fans that keep my Facebook page lively, thank you for supporting me!