Posted by on June 29, 2011

I've picked up a new client over the past two weeks, and that client is Airbnb. What is Airbnb? Let me tell you a little spinet about them. They are an online company that helps homeowners rent out extra rooms or rent out vacation properties when they are empty. They have listings all over the world! And why might this be better than staying at a hotel? Its half the cost! Not only that, but you can enjoy the comforts of home, meet some locals (if you wish) and avoid hostels. If you can't tell, I love what they are doing. Its pretty cool, look in your city, I bet you find at least a hand full of listings. For more info on Airbnb, check them out at their website:

But what do I do for Airbnb? Take pictures of course! When they get a new listing in my area I get to photograph if and supply the lovely photos that go a long with the listings gallery so that people like you and I know exactly what we are getting into before arriving.

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