Women's Night

Posted by on October 5, 2011

 Beehive Book and Art hosted a "Women's Night" last week, as I am sure you remember from my Photo Affair post, if not, click here for the details. Needless to say... it was a success! Well over two hundred women came and went through out the night, I was lucky enough to meet almost all of them and take their photo. It was a blast to see all ages of women from all parts of the city come out. I had a great time getting to know each of them, and passed out a lot of business cards, so I hope that means I will get to see them again soon!  To view the entire album both in color and in black and white check out and LIKE abbydell photography on facebook, by clicking HERE, don't forget to tag yourself! But while you are here, why not follow the blog too?

Now for the details, you ladies were promised a print! It will be in the bookstore by the end of next week, but don't worry, Beehive Books will give you a call when its ready. Also, for a digital copy, send me an email, at abbydellphotography@gmail.com  with the file number or description of the photo. Lastly, to get a copy of the print with out a copyrighted watermark, check out my online store front, (Instaproofs) by clicking HERE. For any other questions, send me an email (abbydellphotography@gmail.com). Look forward to hearing from you!

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