A reception for two

Posted by on July 28, 2011

 Possibly the most personalized wedding reception I have ever attended, cheers to that! Everything from the decked out kids table, mountain bikes on display, and snowboard to sign; it all screamed Linnaea and Greg. Definitely a night to remember. This creative couple also had my assistant and I run a "photobooth guestbook." What is that you might ask? Well instead of having your guests sign a book, get them to write their message on a chalkboard or whiteboard, and hold it with pride alone or in a group and say cheese for the photographer aka ME. This venue had lots of space, so we even had a backdrop and some studio lighting to boot. Can't wait to see the finished book? Check back, you can be sure I'll post a link to it when its complete!

Who is DYING to see more from the reception and wedding? Click HERE. Instaproofs is an online store where guests can purchase instant digital downloads, prints, or just browse the photos. Enjoy!

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