Posted by on November 13, 2010

Okay so a little explanation is needed here..... this week at the photo lab Kristopher & I did some experimenting. We shot instant color film in a 4x5, then bleached the negatives and here are the results...

This first picture is an instant, unbleached negative that I took of Kris in the studio, I'm showing it merely to show you the difference between the instant and the negative, even though it is in black and white

This next image is a bleached negative of Kristopher, forgive my focusing issues.

Myself, taken by Kris.

Kris again.
I love using film, its a really fun medium. I need to do it more. 
Thanks for the fun time Kirstopher! (Kristopher has taken some other amazing images. He is the film master, check out his blog.)

ps. there were no cheesy photoshop or lightroom filters used, these are the real deal.

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